Duobiblo allows to practice languages reading the bible.

See the language you want to learn side by side with a language (or several) you already understand.

Duobiblo Screenshot iPhone SE Duobiblo Screenshot Macbook
Duobiblo with two translations on a phone and with four translations on a notebook.

Why is the bible great for practicing languages?

  • The bible is compilation of 66 books written in different styles over more than 1.000 years with a coherrent message.
  • It is the most translated book compilation in the world.
  • All books have a verse structure which allows to display verses directly side by side.
  • A book compilation that has influenced cultures, laws and moral standards of many societies. It even has been used as pretext for wars.
  • Knowing the bible is fundamental for understanding human history.
  • It was finished almost 2.000 years ago but it is still more up-to-date than tomorrows newspaper, as it is God's word.